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as the shuttle is now putting on a show in los angeles, you can see they're in the sky over los angeles right now where will do another fly by at disneyland and landmarks down there before it lands at lax and gets ready for a big parade through town in a couple of weeks. >> good afternoon. i am elizabeth wenger her. >> i am a frank mallicoat, hundreds of not thousands were outside to catch a glimpse of the shuttle fly over in the bay area. maybe the biggest crowd was at the nasa ames research center and among them reporter mark sayers. you were there, what are people saying, that it live up to the excitement? >> i know that there was amazing pictures elsewhere in the bay area where it did indeed live up to the excitement but due to the flight paths, it was a little bit obscured by a massive hangar that you can see from highway 1 01. there was spectators here that were indeed disappointed. >> the specially modified 747 fairing the shuttle endeavor crossed slightly to the west of hangar one which played a role in the shuttle program, but with thousands of people crowding the flight line, expecting
returns. he didn't do that. they said no. they didn't do it. carl cameron is live in los angeles where the governor is campaigning. what do we know of the 201 taxes? >>carl: well, we will see the actual documents. it will be hundreds or thousands of pages stick. adjusted gross income $13.6 million for 2011. the tax rate was $1.9 million, which is 14.1 percent. charitable donations, $4 million, which is 30 percent of adjusted growth income but only claimed $2.25 million as charity. they could have taken a bigger one and decided not to. the 1990 to 2009 average tax rate to the romneys was 20.2 percent. he said he had never paid less than 13.5 percent this year he was asked by a reporter if he could guarantee he never paid less than that, he said he could. the reason he did not choose to take the full $4 million charitable deduction and only took half, in doing so he was able to make sure that his tax rates stayed over 14 percent. if he took the full $4 million charitable donation deduction it could have been as low as 12 percent or, perhaps, even 9 percent. he did not do that to keep the
home of the california science center in los angeles. trace? >>trace: we are watching this with you. it is very cool. it looks like the shuttle is still pretty high. what was supposed to happen, the shuttle on the 747 was supposed to land at edwards air force base at either 12:30 west coast time or 12:40. they were seeing how much fuel they had on board the 747. many times they have done this they want to make sure the fuel is precise because they do not want to land if it is too heavy. to they had enough fuel they would do an extra ten minute fly by in places in southern california like the desert area. the reason the places are important is because a lot of the parts for the shuttle were built in places like these areas in the desert. and the town next to edwards air force base, a lot of the support personnel who have helped "endeavour" were based there over their 20-year career. that was the off landing space when they could not land at kennedy space center, and people here had a hand in taking care of the landing and mounting it up again on the 747 and flying it back to florida.
flight as it moves to its home in los angeles. it will become part of a massive space exploration exhibit in la. nasa says we can expect a golden gate flyover some time after 9:30 in the morning. >> reporter: thursday afternoon, nasa delayed the space shuttle endeavor's plan to arrive here in the bay area by about an hour. they're hoping to get the shuttle here 9:30 in the morning. fog could make viewing difficult, so they decided to wait an extra hour. the shuttle riding atop a modified 747 is scheduled to take off from edwards airforce base friday morning. it will make a low-pass over sacramento then turn west over san francisco. we expect it here in the bay area around 9:30 am. that could change on the weather and cloud conditions friday morning. it will make two loops around the bay that will include flyovers of the golden gate and bay bridges. it could be as low as 1,500 feet. then it will head south to make a pass over moffitt field. then it's onto los angeles >> and because of the shuttle flyover, there will be extra officers on bay area highways tomorrow morning. the chp is warnin
passing by getty center, griffith observatory, los angeles city hall, and the nasa jet propulsion laboratory, queen mary, malibu beach, long beach aquarium. she was everywhere you can just watch it forever. >> this is the los angeles skyline. >> endeavor touched down at los angeles international airport today. and rob hays was there for the landing. >> the arrival at l.a.x. was an audible one. from a tarmac buzz... to a burst of applause. to lmz this. into is a humming of the scene from star trek. by the fly buy bimade it final. and the days soaring through space or across the skies are over. but it days of inspiring will continue at california science center. >> admission is free. go see the space shuttle. it's going to inspire a lot of kids to imagine what they can do and fwoitsing to inspire a lot of people to think what we can do when we're constructive, and not destructive. >> the pop pomp and circumstance emphasizing excitement of landing in los angeles. later tonight when the sun is start stog-to-set, and things have settled down, that is when this massive crane will swing
endeavor. it is being moved from florida, to los angeles. the space shuttle endeavor will be on top of a modified 747 and is expected to arrive in california thursday. it will stay the night at edwards air force base in southern california. on friday morning, it will depart and going north towards sacramento. this is the exact expected pass near the state capitol in sacramento. and it is going to make its way towards the bay area. we are expecting to make it right over the golden gate at an altitude of 1,500 ft.. it will fly down the peninsula. at the moffett field is expected to go over between 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. nasa is not providing more specifics. and they will go to los angeles and it is expected to land at los angeles airport and around noon. and then transporting along surface streets towards the california science center. i do not think that we're going to see it with that fog. >> perhaps if we get above that cloud coverage but it is going to be tricky. keep it to end here. and in fact, let us check the weather right now. and today is tuesday, good morning, erica. >> good
, not live but watching "endeavour" and beginning to see it head toward los angeles and toward edwards air force base we'll bring you live pictures. chad myers will join me understand again. we want to get to politics. >>> politics, politics, politics here. short time ago, florida's the big story today. short time ago, president obama arrived in florida, miami. here he is. miami to be precise. mitt romney got there yesterday. he is still in florida today. and you've heard us say it before. when you look at the map of the 50 states florida with the 29 electoral votes is crucial to romney's hopes for election. look at the numbers here. florida, 29 electoral votes. today, the poll shows the president leading romney in florida by 5 percentage points. this is a fox news poll. this same poll shows a seven-point obama lead in virginia. that is as you know another huge electoral state that's being considered a toss-up this year and may be right now looks like tipping toward the president. also this, perhaps is the biggest news of all. president obama with the seven-point lead in ohio. cnn's peter
leaving the bay area the shuttle made its way to los angeles where will be displayed on the california sized museum. it's made its way over the iconic hollywood sign encircle downtown los angeles before coming down to earth for the last time. a large crowd gathered as the retired shuttle rolled across the tarmac. >> it is the end of an era. >> the kids are going to look at her and be inspired at what people can do. they will people to believe that someone built that. >> after being moved from lax pit is scheduled to go on display next month. one of the best places to see endeavor passed by the golden gate bridge, christie field. >> cate caugurian was there for the iconic flights. >> one of hundreds that waited in anticipation that christie field for a few moments of history. >> i have always been a fan of the space program, fallen the shuttle and space program since it was a child. and when i heard that the shuttle would make one last flyby over the bay area i knew that had to see it >> it was stunning. such an incredible piece of technology, it represents such an incredible achievemen
towards los angeles and touchdown at lax. the final will be on the ground and it will take up to 12 hours to the catch the shuttle. and it will be loaded onto a special truck to take to a museum. we had news crews all over the bay. as people were reviewing this and our team coverage begins with haazig madyun >> why are you here? >> i'm here to see the shuttle fly over. and to get my shirt. and i have my 64 access camera lens. that way the wife is not going to give me any excuses lalaughed and i think that it is probably the last time the will see anything that will resemble nasa. something in history that has been up and down from our atmosphere in a long time. >>reporter: once-in-a- lifetime? eskimo once-in-a- lifetime. i've never seen them take off but the san francisco bay bridge. and i am still excited. i had memories here for a long time. >>reporter::haazig madyun kron 4. >>pam: and the other salute to the kron 4's rob fladeboe was ready outside the gate of moffett field. and i think it is an honor. the spaceship was amazing! it had a great contusion with the chest and a marine helic
in points near cupertino -- pockets near cupertino. let's go to steve. >>> it was 103 in los angeles yesterday. it was cooking down there. temperatures inland will start to come down. had a lot of high clouds yesterday. those are gone but the fog is not. upper 40s san rafael is in there, napa, low 40s, even antioch is down to 55. livermore, san jose, cloudy. still a pretty good decent sea breeze kicking up. it's been stronger. i think it will kick in later. i see the low spinning to the west of us. it's gonna control our weather for the entire week. fog, sun, cooler. that cooler is for inland areas. the coast is just sold out. 50s, 60s there. inland temperatures coming down. concord, 79. san jose 79. santa rosa, 75. 85 fairfield. 70s look like they will hold and then just keep us there. at the end of the week, that's really where there is a disagreement. one forecast model dropped the low right into us. i will go for that right now which will make for an interesting and kieler weekend. tori and dave? >> all right. >>> it's been six months since a morgan hill teenager disappeared. the
over nasa ames. then final resting place in los angeles. >> today there will be a fly over, over tucson as well that special request by astronaut mark kelly the last commander of the endeavour. this is cool. we'll tell you more before it awries in california tomorrow. >> just waiting to takeoff. >>> big changes to talk about for bart. the plans for expansion in the east bay. why the new plan is a little different than what commuters thought they were getting. >>> dangling hundreds of feet in the air. the ride that turned into a frightening ordeal. >>> first, here's john muller with this morning's technology news. >> reporter: google maps lost on apple's ios 6, replacing the google app with a new one apple s. -- >> if you are using it in the car you can put it didn't in your cup holder and hear direction announced out loud for you as you drive. >> reporter: much safer than looking at a screen for directions. before friday's delivery of the iphone 5, htc and lg showing their new phones, two new models use windows phone 8, lg's runs on an older version of android, all go on sale later this
'll kick off our pre-emmy party. lara is in los angeles. he'll have a look at the hottest fashions and some predictions. hey, lara. >>> plus, we have one of the biggest rock bands in the world this morning, the killers. you saw the people that popped up a little bit ago. lining up since midnight to see the killers. they're here to kick off our weekend. >> all right. >>> we begin, now, with the new iphone. people have been lining up all over the world for days, now, to get their hands on it. we're among the very first to have it. it's right here. i have the white one. george has the black one. >> do we get to keep it? >> but it's not all -- no, really, there's security here. it's not all smooth sailing for apple. there's already a few glitches. and abc's matt gutman is at an apple store in miami, florida, standing in line with everybody outside with more on that story, matt. good morning, matt. >> reporter: morning, elizabeth. the line here snakes around the block already. a lot of folks here have been waiting since yesterday. but the big buzz among the folks here is the new operating system
is preparing to move the endeavor from florida to its permanent home in los angeles but the trip is not a direct flight. the space shuttle endeavor is riding piggyback on board a modified 747 and is scarcely the kennedy space center in florida around 7:15 a.m.. the shuttle will land and spent wednesday night at ellington field in houston. on wednesday it will fly west to el tasso where it will make a brief fueling stop and then off to california. it will spend thursday night at edwards air force base. around 7:00 a.m. the shuttle will begin its tour of california flying north of the central valley and then making a low altitude as of the state capital in sacramento before turning west heading toward san francisco. nasa says the shuttle made low altitude visits to multiple bay area landmarks. the shuttle will head south down the coast toward los angeles where it will make a brief tour over the city before landing at lax before noon. >> here are some of the best places to watch the shuttle. the berkeley marina is also a good spot, fisherman's wharf, christie feels and sausalito. a
weird for into the nation. it's permanent resting place will be in los angeles. charles crawford is standing by with the latest details. >>charles: right now i a.m standing in the headlines. right now it is sitting at edwards air force base in southern california. tomorrow, nasa will be sending it on a tour of the state. >> the shuttle is atop a modified 747 and is scheduled to take off from edwards air force base around 7:00 a.m.. if all goes as planned the shuttle made to loops around the bay. in las angeles and there will visit several landmarks before landing at lax around and 30 an. m.. we are expecting the shuttle to be in our skies sometime between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. once again, a a.m. the shuttle should arrive here. >> excitement is also building across the south bay, especially at mile -- moffett field. you do not necessarily have to be at moffett field to see the space shuttle. >> the best advice is, please be safe if you are in a car and see the shuttle. we recommend that people get close to the water or somewhere near the peninsula. >>
to los angeles. our reporter was there to see it earlier today and she said people were stunned and elated to see the shuttle. >> reporter: a proud and final moment for space shuttle "endeavour." >> 235 flights, it had over 800 seats that people went into space. >> reporter: he was one of those people. in fact, he was one of the first, not on "endeavour" but on each of the four other nasa shuttles, saying good-bye to the only one he ever flew on was bittersweet for the 74-year-old who now works at nasa ames. >> there are things like that that empowers legacy that i think we're celebrating as much today to saying good-bye to the shuttle as it goes into storage. >> reporter: former astronaut steve robertson watched. very different from his last encounter on dev dev. >> i flew on the second to last one and i started here at nasa ames. i just turned 19, which i hate was a little while ago, so it was full circle for me. >> reporter: it's more than a celebration of "endeavour." it highlights the power of nasa ames. >> the people who had developed the tiles so that the shuttle would no
the final flight towards los angeles and touchdown at lax. the final will be on the ground and it will take up to 12 hours to the catch the shuttle. and it will be loaded onto a special truck to take to a for the final 12-miles. with the team coverage of the endeavor continues right now. >> a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with huge crowds gathered by the golden gate bridge to witness history. >> i am from st. louis and we heard about it from the paper and we got this will be exciting. >> a mixture of tourists and locals who wanted to see this on its final flight. they waited in may shore that their cameras were ready. and the shuttle began its approach. they waited and made sure that there cameras were ready. and it was on its jet escort. >> it is wonderful. it was exciting. >> it was cool. >> endeavor flew near alcatraz for a nother round near the bridge. >> you can fill the goosebumps. >> i thought it was really cool. i'm glad i skipped school for this. >> i had tears in my eyes it was so overwhelming. >> awesome. >> emotional moment with endeavor in san francisco, kron 4. >> this is wha
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the space coast and other nasa facilities. it will finally end up in los angeles at los angeles international airport on friday. for mom floridians a bittersweet day. they're excited to see the shuttle up in the air bolted on the back of a modified 747. but it also means the end of a program they worked on the past three decade, bill. bill: steve, something to see once it arrives at the final destination. thank you, steve harrigan live in miami. go ahead? >> reporter: might be the most challenging and interesting part once it gets on the ground there in los angeles they have essentially have to drive it through parts of los angeles. like moving a five story building at one mile per hour before it reaches its final destination in the california science center. bill: holy cow. helicopters will be in the air for that. that will be another image we'll watch. thank you, steve harrigan in miami. martha? martha: there are serious concerns for our diplomatic workers overseas as violent protests against the united states continue every day. we have brand new pictures like this, burning f
in houston and then making its way out to los angeles international airport. once there, another remark annual technological feat. it will move on the ground. this space shuttle is the size of a five story building. it will be moved through congested parts of los angeles to its final resting place in the california science center where it will be part of a museum. so moving it on the ground 170,000-pound object through a city will be quite a site. they've been making preparations, moving street lamps, telephone poles, electric wires to get this ready. it's the youngest of the five space worthy shuttles. it was built after the challenger. it served 123 million miles in flights examine really means -- and really means a lot to the people along florida's coast examine come to see it on its final voyage. >> gretchen: steve harrigan live in florida. we'll keep an eye on it. >> steve: steve, i got a question, can it make the trip all the way out to los angeles without refueling or do they have to do that? >> they are going to stop in el paso for refueling. they're going to fly low over stenni
. endeavor scheduled to arrive in los angeles on friday where it will be on display at a science museum. nasa officials have been champing at the bit to get "endeavour" off the ground. the final flight has been delayed for two days by bad weather. did we mention it was your birthday today? >> yes, what a nice birthday present if "endeavour" does take off as we sit here and monitor "endeavour" as it waits. should be taking off momentarily. you mentioned the weather, that has been a problem over the last couple of days. obviously the weather forecast looks really good. not just visually looks like in florida it's going to be something like 80-something degrees. for florida, relatively clear, which means that "endeavour" should be table to take off. we're going to continue to monitor it and come back to you as soon as it starts. looks like it's starting to roll down. i can't tell. >> turn off your cell phones. you know, it's rolling down the runway. >> is the camera moving or is it a very slow roll to taxi? we're expecting it to take off in about nine minutes or so. we'll get that to you as soon
and do a low pass over the nasa researcher and continue south in los angeles placed onpermanent displays at the california science center. a crowd gathered by moffett field even though the flight is hours away. they say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. if fact, one man drove from virginia to be here. >> it's a very meaningful dayp there will be a lot people that will never forget this. and, i will be one of them. >> reporter: there will be speeches, displays and a count down to the flyover which should happen sometime between 9:45 and 10 a.m. live at moffettfield, ann rubenktvu channel # news. >> besides -- 2 news. >> besides moffett field there are other places to see it. a charge crowd is expected when it flies over the golden gate and the ch abc ot sighs sense and explore toreium in san francisco and lawrence hall of sighence in berkeley. weather could prevent parts the bay area from getting a clear shot of the shuttle. >> yeah. let's go to steve who knows all about it what do you think? >> for most it will be all right. there's a little fog forming. it's just kind of that pa
at los angeles it will make its first and last flight over moffitt field paying homage to nasa workers here. >> w w we are very proud of tha that it's paying tribute to the people who work many years. space shuttle over 30 years old and many people who are here now work on it from the very, very beginning. >>reporter: instrumental in the development of the space shuttle program and in the creation of endeavor itself. >> win vented the space shuttle tiles here at nasa aims. very design of the shuttle itself was based on wind tunnel test done here at aims. >>reporter: 8 to continue,000 people are expected to pack in moffitt field for total morning once in a life time low fly over. along with those crowds there is the anticipated on looker traffic intermingle with the usual morning rush hour. california highway patrol officer hope drivers take heed ahead of tomorrow spectacle. >> whatever you do please do not stop on the side zoo of the roadway because obviously this is going to be a distraction for people and not only that, very unsafe to stop on the side of the freeway and also agai
is number one. new orleans, baltimore, los angeles, no. 4 court. you have it. and other bay area cities have been the richest would san jose. and it is worth over $75,000 median house income. new data from the census bureau. and san francisco was the second largest income of $70,000 per income. stay here for more kron 4 in the morning news. all eyes will be towards the nasa shuttle endeavor over the bay area. we will show you when, where you can watch it as it makes its paoff debut. and also, the mitt romney/obama trips to the upcoming bay area. coming up. fan :ow >> last night according to witnesses vandals broke inside and road inside of this building. as the reeling of 17th. the round 17th street. the park had to be closed at 11:00 p.m. this shooting enraged those protesters was last night around 8:00 p.m. with two plainclothes officers from the gang task force were working in the spotted who they thought were gang members. one of the officers attempted to talk to the suspect. one of the suspects took off. while running, he pointed that gun at the officers and then they opened fire at eac
berkeley bisexual pride day would be observed next sunday, and that coyons yids with events in los angeles and boston. none of them formally recognizes bisexual pride. >> it's official, yahoo closed it's deal with alibaba giving back a large chunk of the stake in the company. alibaba buying back 20% of the stake in the company meaning a wind fall for yahoo to the tune of $7.6 billion. the ceo is thinking of using money to revive the company by by hiring new talent. yahoo going to keep another 20% stake. >> fda has released a diet drug to help obese people lose weight that is made by a company located in mountain view. and this sounds promising. >> yes. it's the second diet drug approved this year and so far showing good results. there is a this is another drug working to reduce ravings, patients lost an average of 10% of their body weight. this does need ton used in conjunction with an exercise program and healthy quiet. >> i have done diet asks exer sichls have have done weight watchers and never helped me. i went from a size 14 into a size six. made fee feel great its available through m
center atop a 747 today for a nationwide tour ending in los angeles, but weather has postponed the flight at least until tomorrow. low flyovers are still being planned along cape canaveral and nasa facilities from mississippi all the way here to the bay area. "endeavour" is expected to fly over the golden gate bridge, and nasa ames mountain view on thursday before heading to its final home at the california science center in los angeles. >>> okay. back in a minute with a big secret of "50 shades." stay with us. >>> some lights on "50 shade." the author of the best-selling and very steamy romance novel admits the scenes that play out between christian gray and anastacia steel are her fantasies. it has sold more than 30 million copies, and a movie is now in the works. >> i haven't read it yet. i've downloaded it, but i have not read it. >> it's very popular on tablets because you can't see what people are reading. and people are embarrassed about reading it. >> i don't know what the whole thing is about. >> oh my goodness! >> i'm kidding. i've heard a little bit. >> i'll give you a cliff no
center in florida to its new increment home in los angeles. it is a part of the farewell, and light of this far wall they will do is special flight, a low altitude pass of the bay area later this week. charles gifford reports of that. >>charles: the space shuttle endeavor riding atop a modified 747 is expected to arrive in california on thursday evening where it will spend the evening on edwards air force base in southern california. friday morning it will depart edwards heading north towards sacramento where it will make a low altitude has of the state capitol in to turn west fort san francisco where nasa says it will visit several bay area landmarks possibly as low as 1,500 ft.. the shuttle that fly down the peninsula to the nasa research center where nasa is hosting a free viewing party. if a >> anywhere in syria, he should be able to see endeavor. if is the fog is not too thick anywhere near the bridge you should begin as well. endeavor will then head south, the peninsula. nasa is recommending viewing locations at various points. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead
. and this is piggy back flight delayed for a day. the final destination is california science center in los angeles with stops in houston and edwards air force base and there is friday morning making a pass over at about 8:30 in the morning flying back up the east bay before circling and then making a fly overof the nasa ames research center. and today nick smith got a ride inside of a flight simulator. it is home to the largest vertical motion flight simulator and shuttle astronauts train there. >> when someone comes back from space and say we've just discovered a new planet, you know it's not probably going to change my life but that knowledge is going change the way we do things in the future. >> there is one of the largest super computers anywhere in the world. >> and when the shuttle endeavor gets to los angeles it will take another major exercise in transportation logistics to get it from airport to science museum. 12 miles of freeways and city streets abc 7 news robert olguin explains how goitsing to be done. >> on the 400 block of route is starting to take shape and streets are blocked. cre
it is going to be housed permanently at the california science center in los angeles. astronaut mark kelly asked for a special fly by of tucson, arizona on the way here for his wife, the wounded congress woman, gabrielle giffords can see it one more time. >> hundreds cheered the shuttle arrival in houston, and in mountain view, police estimate 8,000 people will try to see it on friday, and they encourage to take mass transit or carpool. nasa says it's reached its cap on parking passes. >> and friday morning is going to be flown to the state capitol in sacramento and going to make a pass over the east bay starting in hayward at about 8:30 in the morning then going to circle the golden gate bridge skb do a low pass fly by over nasa ames research center whereas nauts were trained to pilot that shuttle. >> bay area air pass has been closed for the fly overbut we think and hope to be able to get you good shots. so tune in friday. >> we hope fog will cooperate. >> and still to come tonight here on abc 7 news, a deadly chemical nound a common staple of the diet. we're going to have a recommendati
from his school in los angeles, to fremont, just to campaign. he really wants to be mayor. >> thank you for being here this evening. >> reporter: he's poised. and his political knowledge goes well beyond the last 18 years of his wife. and he wants to be the next mayor of fremont. >> even though i'm young, i have everything that it takes to make sure that we can solve the problems here in fremont. >> reporter: fremont is akbarry's hometown. he graduated from washington high school two years ago. right now, he's majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in computer science at usc. if he wins, he would be the city's first mayor of south-asian descent and obviously, its youngest. >> i think the main thing to focus on is what i have to offer. >> and there are concerned about what akbari can offer the fourth-largest city in the bay area. if you want to dwell on his age, he says it's just a number. >> i worked on pete stark's campaign four years ago when he was running. >> you were 14. >> right. but i've been involved in local politics since i was 8 or 9 years old. >> reporter: that's no
at california science center in los angeles. nasa is encouraging people to report sightings on twitter using the hash tag spot the shuttle and 0 v 105 and please send us your photos of the shuttle. >> and there is a fly over tucson, arizona to pay tribute to gabrielle gifford. her husband asked that'sa to make that fly by. kelly served as endeavor's last pilot. giffords resigned from congress to focus on her recovery after being shot in january, 2011. >>> a landmark ruling in san francisco. two former executives for a liquid crystal display company received three prison sentences and the company must pay $500 million in fines for violating u.s. antitrust laws. this is one of the harshest penalties ever in an antitrust criminal case. >> and there is a new bug in town called iphone 5 that is catching on fast. take a look at the chairs lined up outside of the apple store there is a live picture, some people are going to camp out overnight so they can become some of the first to own the new iphone 5 whit goes on sale. there is expected line that's will form overnight, or early in the morning as
. police received information from los angeles police he was exchanging pictures of children, some as young as two years old thchl is video when abc 7 news highlighted his work for the human rights commission. >> there is a protest march and rally over the police shooting of a 15-year-old is wrapping up now. police say the officer was cleared of wrong doing but the family and friends still have many questions about what happened. and abc 7 news is live with the latest on this story. >> the event just wrapped up. after that march, the organization behind me is where a 15-year-old was shot and killed by south san francisco police officer. and this is why have all of the people, his family, and friends, came down today to gather. they have lots of banners and signs. calling for justice. and now, he was killed after a confrontation with this police officer and this boy had a gun and as for the investigation it's turning out that they said he reached for the gun. he started to get up so the officer fired. and the family says there should have been charges. >> there is family by no means perfect,
bags with unknown contents. >>> the space shuttle heads from edwards air force base to los angeles. a special flyover for mark kelly in tucson who looked on in amazement with congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >>> and do you love honey boo boo and wish your child had a name like that? sugar bear and what's left for us? there's a nickname generator online. here is what they give us for savannah. shuga goober. willie geist, you're woo woo glitz, and the executive producer jim bell will be known as jinxy boo bear. all right. >> hold on, natalie, i have this going here. your nickname is. >> what? >> let's put that in. i can't get it. >>> let's look, alaska -- just firing into seward and anchorage. five inches yesterday caused massive flooding. more today in torrential rains and wind. rest of the country expecting to see plenty of sunshine on the eastern seaboard, wet weather through southern florida. look for another warm day in the pacific northwest, not great newsnews for wildfire firefight >>> and good morning to you. here's the view, san francisco looking out to the golden gate brid
are just down to six games. that was after the los angeles dodgers split their double header. we will have more or fans are gearing up for the post season at at&t park. >> another busy day with a steady to nother busy day at the box office. a steady trickle of giants fans getting tickets all day. bothers, son's going towards at&t park to get the 2012 squad. >> they just work together to get a lot of teamwork. >> with the division teamwork within grasp they are looking at the post season and the possibility for a world series title. >> the have the pitching and defense. >> some of the other fans, the niners fans were also better but also mainly orange and black. >> they're going well and they could keep going. >> some people driving four flew in from the united kingdom. this team has a chance to win every time they take the field. >> it is amazing they have accent) take a look. this person had a strained zero bleak. five-0. and the tigers had victory 6-to the final score. the a's are tied with 3.5 games behind texas in the west. 4:53. this live look from our space shuttle endeavor it looks
risk. >>> a bizarre, shocking end for arising actor in los angeles. police say former sons of anarchy actor johnny lewis beat his 81-year-old landlady to death, attacked, bit two other men nearby, then fell or jumped to his own death from the roof. officials say he also savagely killed his landlady's cat in the strange rampage. lewis had been arrested three times this year and a probation report in may shows police feared the 28-year-old suffered from serious chemical dependency or mental health problems. >>> nasa's curiosity rover is beaming back clues about the ancient, watery past. these images suggest a waist deep stream once rushed through this spot on mars. the most convincing proof of water on mars to date, scientists say the rounded pebbles likely shaped by fast moving water are truly an exciting find. >>> and love is in the air, but would you say yes to a proposal like this? pilot ryan thompson tricked his girlfriend into believing the plane was about to crash as they flew over chicago. as co-pilot, he asked her to read the emergency procedure.3 1 so ryan initiated the ring e
like los angeles and all coastal areas back up towards santa barbara, san francisco today, slight chance of a shower or storm because of this additional moisture that's in the air. we'll wait and see if it does try to move a little closer on shore today. as of now it's not. you can see the clouds. it will keep things cooler. look at the plume coming up from the south here. that's all associated from a tropic flow. northwest very warm, very dry. looks like we're a little bit cooler in the northern planins. temperatures starting off in the 50s and 60s. warm afternoon. highs today, many areas in the 80s. inner mountain west, portland in the mid 80s. seattle, even you should be up near 80 degrees. the desert continues the warm trend. slight chance of a shower or storm. you never know, san francisco maybe it will keep temperatures down ever so slightly. still temperatures in the 90s. funny that i'm excited about a 20% chance of showers and storms, but there has not been anything to talk about in the west for a long time. >> you are a meteorologist. you do tend to get a little -- >> we
retirement in a museum in los angeles. for more details on when you can expect to see the shuttle and the sky near you, go to >> rumor has it the weather should be ok. more from lawrence coming up. >> leading the pack in new jobs. the big victory for a man who blames the smell popcorn for his health problems. >> 63 degrees in san jose but we have brought multiple whether inside to a very dark and gloomy gotham city. a big show in the south bay, we'll talk about that. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the,,, >> >> some disappointing manufacturing numbers out of europe and china have stocks trading down earlier on wall street. take a look can see where the numbers are, the dow is up but only by a little. the nasdaq and s&p have dipped into negative territory on this thursday. a report shows that california is outperforming the nation in job creation. economists from ucla say to expect the state's unemployment rate to drop 815% in two years, all thanks to the technology boom which is adding new jobs each month. experts say the 10.7 percent unemployment number will last through the rest of thi
its permanent home the california at science center museum in los angeles. >>>shuttle has ever been to northern california before >>> nasa says you should be able to use see the shuttle everywhere all over the bay area but will fog be a problem we check in with meteorologist paul deanno and the best spots to see endeavor >>> 24 hours ago at what that man a problem then move the fly over to a letter signed between 930 and 10:30 a.m. the forecast should be fine the shuttle will go flyby over sacramento area at 930-, endeavor passes over the chabot space and science center and, if both of those prime viewing areas it as a couple of loops over the bay at passing low over the golden gate bridge and into nasa ames and then over san jose and monterey bay aquarium ever body in the bay area will get a chance to seek the low-flying space shuttle. future cast predicts some cloud cover moving and at around four or 5:00, the onshore flow not as strong as the fog will burn off earlier by 10:00 we should be clear, it is a great idea they'd allow the flight when our taking things later tomorrow bel
over the landmarks around los angeles with everybody spotting it and tweeting and it's going to be very, very exciting for everybody. >> reporter: in a way it's a homecoming. "endeavour" was constructed just north of l.a. in palmdale, california, built to replace the challenger lost in that fiery 1986 exploeks. >> liftoff. >> reporter: it's the last shuttle to go into retirement, but "endeavour" will be the star of a new air and space hall al the california science center once it gets from lax 12 miles away. >> no one has ever moved a winged space ship through a city before. nobody will again. >> reporter: l.a. knows a thing or two about handling celebrity objects. >> remember the rock. >> they have to take down power lines and cut down trees to clear the pathogen ner rating controversy. >> i had no idea they were going to be removing those beautiful trees. >> we will be taking out a number of trees but we'll be putting in almost 1,000 new trees. >> the science center is betting all will be forgiven when the biggest icon this city has ever seen opens to the public october 30th. for "cbs
it for real. >> reporter: now the shuttle is on its way to los angeles where it will go to l.a.x. and then will be housed at the california science center. there was restricted air space around here we are told there were no flight delays at sfo because of this. john alston, abc7 news. >>> another advantage point that attracted a crowd the golden gate bridge of course that's where terry mcsweeney joins us live. what a morning for you! >> reporter: it really was. it was a great story to cover for every kind of reason standing here at vista point just over the golden gate bridge on the marin side. watching the space shuttle kind of come out of haze fly over alcatraz and come over and split the uprights, if you will, on the golden gate bridge. take a look at the pictures. people were saying wow. they were cheering. everybody, it was almost as if a sergeant said to his platoon, salute. as the shuttle came over alcatraz they pulled up their cameras that was their salute and everybody started taking pictures with the ipads, phones, camera phones the whole thing. it was an emotional
"endeavour" making a majestic pass over the bay on the way to the new home in los angeles. >> and big crowds in san francisco got the show of a lifetime as the space shuttle "endeavour" passed by the golden gate bridge. i'll have reaction and pictures coming up. >>> and hundreds of people got what they waited for as the iphone 5 hit the streets today. we will have reacts. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'll laura garcia-cannon in for jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. well you could say it was an iconic meeting. you got to watch live as "endeavour" passed over the top of the golden gate bridge. >> it happened not once, but twice and thousands gathered at crissy field as it happened. we have christie smith out there as the crowds greeted the shuttle. quite spectacular, christie. >> reporter: absolutely. the crowds have thinned out because it happened 20 minutes ago. we got two passes as the "endeavour" passed by the golden gate bridge twice. people said they would scream and yell and actually there was just a moment of silence as it went by. people were taken by the moment. then we he
of anarchy" was found dead thursday in los angeles. police say he was suspected in the killing of an 81-year-old woman who may have been his landlord. lewis, who once dated katy perry, either fell or jumped off the roof. >>> nasa is taking a very close look at new photos from mars that show pebbles rounded off. now scientists say it may be a sign that water once flowed on the red planet, possibly enough to fill a stream. >>> now here's an early look at how wall street's going to kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,485 after adding 72 points yesterday. the s&p gained 13. the nasdaq climbed 42. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei dropped 79 points but in hong kong the hang seng was up 78. >>> well, aggressive budget cutting from one of europe's troubled economies helped wall street snap its losing streak. spain's finance minister announced $51 billion in budget cuts yesterday hoping to convince the world it can meet its fiscal targets. that news helped gold continue its recent climb toward its biggest quarterly gain in two years. >>> earlier mixed economic da
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